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Everything Is in Flux

2013 DOK Leipzig, International Programme Animated Film
81 min. |
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Everything Is in Flux | Alles ist im Wandel

Change is part of life. Sometimes you look forward to it, as in “Ab Ovo”, which shows how a child slowly grows in the womb. Sometimes it’s hard to accept a new reality, though, when a physical handicap impedes communication with society as in “The Shell”. Whereas a single summer – the summer when they grow up – changes the relationship between the siblings in “Sister and Brother”. In “The River’s Lazy Flow”, too, an old man remembers his puberty. “Jazz That Nobody Asked For” shows what happens when you open a box that had better stay closed. And even death as the ineluctable consequence of life can have a funny side, for example in “Dij. Death Fails”.
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