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Truth Has Fallen

2013 DOK Leipzig, International Programme Documentary Film, Animadoc Award
USA | 2013 | 60 min. | English | No subtitles | World Premiere
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Truth Has Fallen | Truth Has Fallen

Innocence is no guarantee of freedom. Three cases that are exemplary (not only) of the US system of justice: Edward Baker, sentenced to 24 years for murder, James Landano and Joyce Anne Brown, both sentenced to life for capital offences. There are hundreds of innocently condemned prisoners like them in the States – including death row inmates who have been waiting for their execution for years. James McCloskey and his “Centurion Ministries” organisation have taken up the task of re-opening cases, questioning trials, getting new results through DNS analysis, and even identifying those as murderers who once accused an innocent person of their own crime.
How a wrongfully imprisoned person who feels abandoned by justice, lawyers, families, and friends reflects this injustice is hard to put in words. So director Sheila M. Sofian has conjured up an inferno of expressive animations painted on glass, abstract re-enactments, and surrealist details, which condenses into a passionate appeal to politicians to abolish prejudgements and racial discrimination. “If they’re not doing time for this, then surely for something else.” This statement by a cop encapsulates the cynicism that’s part of the system.

Cornelia Klauß
Original Title: Truth Has Fallen
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Language: English
Subtitle: No
Runtime: 60 min.
Technique: Drawn Animation, Live Action
Format: HD Videofile (ProRes 422 HQ 1080p)
Color: Colour
Director: Sheila M. Sofian
Producer: David B. Fain, Davi Rutenberg, Sheila M. Sofian
Cinematographer: Tom Curran
Editor: Yu Gu
Animation: Sheila M. Sofian
Sound: Sandy Gendler
Music: Barbara Cohen
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