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I Am Ernst Busch

2013 DOK Leipzig, Homage Peter Voigt
Germany | 2000 | 58 min. | German |
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I Am Ernst Busch | Ich bin Ernst Busch

Peter Voigt met the singer and actor Ernst Busch at the Berliner Ensemble in 1953 and was to become part of Konrad Wolf’s crew for the latter’s cycle “Busch Sings”. Here he supplements the gaps in this work: Busch’s rebellious character, which was tolerated only when it was directed against the class enemy and which gradually drove the artist into isolation even among his comrades. ERNST BUSCH NOR GALILEI EITHER HAVE EVER KNEELED IN FRONT OF A POPE. Voigt edits reports, diary entries, songs, documents, score sheets on the backdrop of a repeated sequence showing the Pergamon Altar. Fragmentary, elliptic, painful.
“A film of such relentlessness, absolute integrity and factuality and yet great aesthetic beauty can only be made by someone whose love of the subject, Ernst Busch, merges with own experiences. There is no bitterness, but a lot of rage.” (Renate Stinn)

---Grit Lemke
Original Title: Ich bin Ernst Busch
Country: Germany
Year: 2000
Language: German
Runtime: 58 min.
Format: Beta SP (PAL)
Color: Colour
Director: Peter Voigt
Cinematographer: Christian Lehmann
Script: Peter Voigt
Narrator: Klaus Löwitsch
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