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The Kill Team

2013 DOK Leipzig, International Programme Documentary Film
USA | 2013 | 79 min. | English | English subtitles | German Premiere
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The Kill Team | The Kill Team

In 2010 reports of the so-called “Kill Team” shocked the world. A group of soldiers had faked Afghan attacks, deliberately killed at least three innocent people and defiled their bodies. Two years later, Dan Krauss follows the traces of this war crime and tries to reconstruct the circumstances under which the soldiers were capable of these acts.
His main focus is on the ambivalent case of Private Adam Winfield, who was allegedly the first to report these heinous crimes. He was not heard at first. until it was no longer possible to hide the outrageous conditions in this unit and an internal investigation was ordered. Back in the States, Winfield himself was accused of premeditated murder and conspiracy. Some doubts remain whether his behaviour in Afghanistan was as honourable as he himself claimed.
Interviews with other soldiers gradually coalesce into a disturbing but extremely fascinating image of US army missions, not just in Afghanistan, and of their arrogant self-image as saviours of the world: they sit in their quarters somewhere at the dusty end of the world, bored, angry and ready to lash out because they are not allowed to do what in their opinion they are there to do.

Lina Dinkla
Original Title: The Kill Team
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Language: English
Subtitle: English
Runtime: 79 min.
Format: HDcam
Color: Colour
Director: Dan Krauss
Producer: Linda Davis, Julie Goldman, Deborah Hoffmann
Cinematographer: Dan Krauss
Editor: Lawrence Lerew
Sound: Jim Lebrecht
Music: Justin Melland
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