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Land in Sight

2013 DOK Leipzig, German Competition Documentary Film
Germany | 2013 | 93 min. | English, German | English subtitles | World Premiere
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Land in Sight | Land in Sicht

Paradise does have its downsides. Unlike the biblical Christians who want to enlighten him, Brian, an asylum seeker from Cameroon, has hopes for this life – and that’s clearly situated in Germany. Unfortunately he has ended up in Bad Belzig in Brandenburg, where there’s little excitement except for an amateur belly dance group and a marching band. He has no “useful” country of origin to show for – right now there’s no war in Cameroon, only a lack of opportunity. The Yemenite soldier Abdul, who would rather carry arms in civilian life and work in security, is in a similar situation. Farid from Iran for his part can’t go back for political reasons and can’t bring his family over without residence status.
Three open-ended fates which the two directors accompany with their usual thoroughness over the course of a year in their fourth film together as they attempt to understand the wordings of the employment agency and the red tape jungle, and to find a German wife, if need be. Preferably one who doesn’t just guarantee a right of residence but also knows how to cook. Bad Belzig turns out to be a stroke of luck for the film, since the East German province shows a lot of comic potential in its touching attempts to help the foreigners. The intercultural misunderstandings in particular highlight our German “paradise”, which is founded solely on paper.

Cornelia Klauß
Original Title: Land in Sicht
Country: Germany
Year: 2013
Language: English, German
Subtitle: English
Runtime: 93 min.
Format: DCP
Color: Colour
Director: Judith Keil, Antje Kruska
Producer: Sonia Otto, Arek Gielnik, Dietmar Ratsch
Cinematographer: Marcus Winterbauer
Editor: Calle Overweg
Music: Michael Beckmann
Sound: Frank Bubenzer
Script: Judith Keil, Antje Kruska
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